Posted by: k | May 30, 2008

Fun Fun Friday!

Last Friday, I had a terrible day, which I recapped purely to get it off my chest.

This Friday, though, was great.

Firstly, there was no lunch in the fridge at work to be stolen.

Secondly, I was told that if everything was done by lunchtime, I could go home early. And I left at 1pm.

And thirdly, I was very popular at work today, because of my overnight transformation:


It may sound stupid, and vain, but it actually felt really nice to walk in the door this morning and have half a dozen people crowd around me and exclaim “Oh my God, your hair looks fantastic!!!” and ask me all about it. I also got more comments as the day went on.

And I must admit, I love the new hair. I’ve been lightening it up for a bit now, but over the last week I decided to take the plunge and go full-on white blonde. My fringe was giving me the shits too. I was trying to grow it asymmetrically so it would be a nice length for my wedding, but I got sick of it. It never sat right, it always looked greasy even after I washed it… and I was over it. It took me over 9 months to grow that fringe out, and it was gone in 30 seconds. Looking at it now, I definitely don’t miss it!

One of my workmates has now “banned” me from wearing eyeshadow from now on. She said the new colour makes my eyes pop, as well as making me more mature and slimming my face (WOW!), and if I were to wear eyeshadow, it would ruin it.

Here’s another photo, bit bigger:

Just for future reference, I had my scalp bleached, and then toner through it to take the yellow out. And folks, scalp bleaching HURTS. I’ve had it done before. This time wasn’t quite as bad because it was a cold night… but one the bleach was washed out, my hairdresser cut my hair, and then put the toner in. As soon as she started combing my hair… OUCH. But it’s worth it. And now that it’s done, I’ll only need the regrowth done, so it won’t be this bad again.

Matt is very happy with the new colour, although I didn’t do it for him, I did it for me! I was white blonde when we first met, see, and he swears to this day that’s what caught his attention. When he came home last night and saw me, he sniffed my hair (apparently he likes the peroxide smell?!), and has been wolf-whistling at me ever since. He even said to me while we were in the car “Look out lady, because if my other half sees you, she’s gonna be pissed!”
I guess that means I look like a totally different person?

Another couple of tidbits that made my day even better:

– I found the earrings and necklace set that Matt gave me for my birthday. I lost them a few months ago… but they were safe in the box they arrived in!
– Four months after I got my 3rd set of ear piercings, I was finally able to change the earrings myself. All traces of infection are gone, so let’s just hope it stays that way!



  1. Wow that looks fantastic! And it does slim your face down too!

  2. you look AWESOME – a pefect style for you

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