What’s She Doing?

Welcome to “The List of 2010”. What is it, exactly? This is The List of Manageable Tasks that will be accomplished by myself in the year 2010.
A list of resolutions, if you will. It may not be a long list, but it’s doable.

Come back and see how I’m going as the year progresses!

  • Become a qualified nail technician. Course starts 6th March.
  • Clean for 15 minutes every day.
  • Do the Story Bridge Adventure Climb. Bet won, yet to decide a date for the climb!
  • Participate in the Bridge to Brisbane 5k in August.
  • Kick my soft drink habit (success to be claimed only after 6 months!) Started 4th Jan.
  • Keep a diary with appointments, special dates etc.
  • Give myself a bedtime – and stick to it.
  • Go to my first concert – Paramore in February! Done! Was Awesome!
  • Make cards and gifts IN ADVANCE!!!
  • Read at least 6 books.
    Karen Gatt – The Clothesline Diet
  • Stay debt free.

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