Posted by: k | May 28, 2008

Dude On Stall Harasses Sick Shopper

You know those people that set up a little stall in the middle of the shopping centre and lure people over? I hate them. I will try and avoid them at all costs. I’ve even been known to walk around the outside of the centre to get to a certain shop instead of through the centre so I don’t get hassled.

My favourite story of these makeshift stalls was when my gym was down there trying to recruit members. There was a young woman on the stall, fit, toned and terrific. I started to walk past, and she looked me up and down and must have thought “Well, she needs a bit of work” – because she went to talk to me. It was very satisfying to snap “I’m already a member!” and keep walking.

Until today, that was my favourite story.

I was down the shops today buying tissues and lip balm for my mum (who is now sick, and I know exactly how she feels), when I saw not one, but two stalls set up. I forget what one was, but the other was some sort of conservation fund.

I walked past once with no problems – they already had people to harrass. But as I walked back, with two bags of shopping, mobile phone out to look busy, the conservation guy thought he’d have a crack at dragging me over. Funny thing was, I had a sinking feeling as I walked back that someone was going to try and talk me into something…

Him: Hi! (Grins at me like an idiot, trying to charm me. Wanker.)
Me: Hi… (I keep walking)
Him: Come here?
Me still walking… walking away.
Him: Come here! COME HERE! Oi! Ohhhhhh…..

Now, I’m not one to be rude. If someone says hi to me, I’ll say hi back. But I sure as hell wasn’t going to acquiesce to his request to “come here”. Especially not with a blocked nose, high temperature and being on the verge of descending into a pleghm-producing coughing fit. (Too much information?)

Seriously, though, who the hell yells out “come here!” to some random person trying to go about their shopping? The only one who can say “come here” to me and get away with it is Matt, and it would want to be for a damn good reason – a nice kiss or a hug, for example – or I’d slap him for his rudeness. The guy acted, and looked, in my honest opinion, like a total wank.

The stupid thing is, I felt guilty as hell for continuing to go about my shopping.

I mulled it over as I headed back to the car – new car! SQUEE! – and I came to the conclusion that he would have wanted one of four things had I walked over to him:

a) To waste my time;
b) To try and get me to sign my life away;
c) To get money out of me; or
d) All of the above.

And you know what? Stuff him! Because:

a) My time is valuable, or at least I think so;
b) I sign nothing except the paperwork when I use my credit card, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, because;
c) Between the mechanic and Queensland Transport, I have no money because I forked out over $2000 to get my car on the road yesterday. I should mention that the $2000 was cash, too. No plastic. Crisp $100 notes that made me cry as I handed them over; and
d) Well, that’s it really, but the last one of these had 4 points, so I figured this one should too.

I’m pretty sure the guy was there for a good cause, saving furry animals, or even trying to save his own arse. He probably wasn’t the devil incarnate, or an axe murderer. I just hate being pressured into stuff. Especially by strange people who have fake smiles and their fingers crossed behind their back.

Next question: Is there anyone left out there that would use my name and “sane” together in a sentence?



  1. I hate those types of people. They’re annoying like the people who picket out the front of polling booths. One lady actually yelled “OI!!” at me when I ignored her as I rushed in on my lunch break to vote in an election that I seriously couldn’t care less about. I stopped dead, turned and glared at her and said “EXCUSE ME?!”. She was so shocked, she didn’t say anything and I shook my head and continued into the hall.


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