Posted by: k | June 1, 2008

Am I holey enough?

Four months ago, during a burst of spontaneity, I went and got my fourth piercing. I now have three holes in each ear, and a stud in my nose.

At the time, I honestly hadn’t considered going and getting my ears pierced again. I hadn’t really thought about getting any more piercings in general. It took 3 attempts for my second ear piercings to take properly, and after finally being able to get my nose pierced – I say finally because I wanted it for 2 years before Mum relented – I didn’t want anything else. Or so I thought.

You may remember my recap of the now infamous “Piercing Day”. I got my ears pierced again, and not only was I the last one to be pierced, but I was certainly the tamest!

I had that familiar adrenaline rush from it for a couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, it really hurt, especially since I had to get them done with needles, but they were healing up nicely and I couldn’t wait to put something sparkly in my ears.

That is, until all the problems started.

The first six weeks, everything was spot on. My ears were sore to sleep on for the first week, but after that, they were fine. I went back to have my check-up with the other girls, and there were no problems. It was only when the six weeks was up and I thought I could get them changed that the problems began.

I had these awkward bars in my ears, with a ball on the front, and a flat disc on the back. The disc made it a bit difficult to clean the back of my ears, but I persevered. I later discovered that I was getting lumps on the backs of my ears because of the pressure created from sleeping on them, or so the piercer said. I paid to have them cleaned up, only to have to return a week later and have stainless steel rings put in instead. This was to solve the problem, apparently.

It didn’t work. The lumps reappeared, and started to drain themselves, so I would wake up with dried blood and gunk on my ears. If I knocked one accidentally, it would bleed through the piercing and come out at the front of my earlobe. I went back to the piercer, again.

The problem this time around, apparently, was that the new piercings were being infected by the sterling silver jewelry I had in the first two sets. I thought this was a load of crap, but I figured that these guys were professional, and what would I know, it’s only my ears, right? I had them cleaned up again, and had the jewelry changed for the second time, this time to plastic.

I was getting charged for each time I went back to get cleaned up, and I was charged $20 just to have the plastic put in. Not bad, considering I had to pay $60 to get my ears pierced in the first place. Oh, and the other girls all had problems with their new piercings too. Was that an ominous sign?

I am now very happy to say, that four months after getting them pierced, and after two months of having to put up with cheap plastic bars in my ears, what I hope was the last of the infection has cleared, and I was able to change them myself for the first time. Nothing special, just a pair of stainless steel studs that I bought months ago…

That was the final buzz, being able to change the jewelry myself. I can finally have my ears the way I want them! I’m very happy, because for my 21st birthday my parents have promised me a pair of diamond studs, which I fully intend to put into that 3rd set and wear forever.

But now… I want another piercing. Now. But what would I get? What can I get?

I don’t have any more room in my earlobes, and I think three sets is plenty. Any more and my ears might start looking like a junkyard. I like the tragus piercing, but one, that’s in my ear, and two, that’s cartilage, and I’m not too keen on getting a piercing through cartilage when I had all this trouble with my earlobes.

There’s the Monroe, which I absolutely adore, but probably wouldn’t be able to get away with, since I work in a corporate environment. My nose piercing, while fairly unnoticeable, is pushing the limits already. And I think I’d be scared about getting another facial piercing. I don’t want to have too much metal in my face.

There’s my navel, which I already have plans for. I’ve pencilled it in to have it pierced as my 21st birthday present to myself. I could have it done now, but with my ongoing weight battle, it will be affected. It could even grow out as the weight comes off. I’m not convinced that adding sparkles to my currently over padded midsection would be aesthetically pleasing, either.

That pretty much leaves the piercings that I won’t consider. No tongue, and definitely nothing below the belt. And as for a nipple, well… ouch.

I’m in quite a predicament, obviously. Over a piercing. A piercing that I want but I don’t know where I want it. I did know a girl that had her septum pierced without her father knowing. She had a small straight bar through it, with slightly angled ends, which meant she could turn it up inside her nose and nobody knew it was there.

I need help. Or encouragement. Or discouragement. Or something.



  1. What about a tragus piercing? They look pretty cool but apparently they HURT LIKE HELL!

  2. discouragement from me ….
    but what can i say – i’m a MUM !!!!
    and i know how your thoughts on them will change as you get older
    see .. I’m a MuM !!!!

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