Posted by: k | March 24, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

I”m nearly a month into my course now. It’s good, but tiring. My nails came off last week, and I hate it. I haven’t bitten any yet (key word, YET), but that’s because I’m constantly repainting them. Yesterday we were brown. Today, purple. Tonight I’m doing my toes – haven’t picked a colour yet. Probably pink.
I advertised cheap manicures at work, for practice. I’m charging enough to cover costs, and the experience is good. I’ve done one manicure so far, and another one is coming up on Friday. More people booked, but they’ve rescheduled/cancelled/not shown up. I did have one booked for each night this week, and now I’m quite relieved that I don’t. I need a break. A full five day week, one day of study and then manicures and housework on weeknights and my only day off is a bit much. I’m looking forward to Easter – four days of doing NOTHING. I don’t have to go anywhere since the course isn’t on Easter Saturday. I’m going to sleep in, bludge, and maybe spend some time with Matt. Maybe… haha.

This is also my second week in my new job. It’s pretty full on. I’m getting there slowly. It’s not the sort of job where you can just jump in and know everything. There’s lots of things to remember, quirks, names, etc. My new desk is covered in sticky notes. And I mean, COVERED. I’m getting there. The people are nice enough.

My gym challenge is going well. So far I’ve lost 2.5kg in three weeks. I want it to be more, but I may be being unreasonable with that. I’m aiming for 8kg in the 8 weeks so I can get my massage. Some days I’m going to the gym twice, but I’m mainly focusing on going in the morning. On Monday night I survived 1.5k on the STAIRMASTER. That was after doing 1.5k on the rower, and before 1k on the treadmill. Oh yes. It hurt like a bitch, and I’m pretty sure I had an asthma attack afterwards, but I totally owned it. I’m adjusting to the morning gym visits. Actually, it’s nice to get it over and done with, and it does help keep me on track diet wise throughout the day. It’s motivating to see that I’ve burned something like 400 calories and I know damn well breakfast is only going to be 150. It gives me the energy I used to get from drinking that 2 litres of Coke a day. Speaking of that, nearly 3 months soft drink free! Halfway to my goal!



  1. GO YOU! Sounds like you’re doing everything ‘pretty awesome’ right now. Your course and your gym work and the new job .. Go you! Really!

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