Posted by: k | February 20, 2010

My Weekend Rules

I’m sitting here listening to bad karaoke which is being amplified from streets and streets away. Right now the entire suburb is being treated a murderous, cat screeching rendition of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn.

I’m looking at the self-tanning moisturiser on my desk and thinking about putting it to use on my legs. The irony would be applying self tan to my legs when my entire top half looks like it’s been deep-fried. I’m crispy – but not in the appetising beer battered chips kind of way. My boobs are on fire, which is to be expected when you sit your fair-skinned, singlet-clad self outside for 9 hours straight because you’re going to your very first concert (Paramore!!!) and you want to be able to see them, damnit.

My favourite photo of last night’s gig:

Awesome photo taking skillz, I has not; rather, this is the flukiest shot I think I’ve ever taken. My voice held out all night, which was a miracle for someone with a throat infection who was singing and screaming at full volume for roughly three hours. I’m a little disappointed, actually. I had myself all worked up ready to squeak my way through the weekend, and I don’t have to.

(I don’t need to squeak, the new karaoke singer is doing a brilliant job of that all on his own at the moment…)

I’ve taken enough photos to do a mini-scrapbook to depict my “concert deflowering” – and yes, I bought a shirt. How the hell could I NOT buy a shirt from my first gig?!

I’m overtired, as I only slept 6 hours before my blazing bosoms awoke me. For someone who needs 8-10 hours just to function, I’m feeling it. Unfortunately for me, being a stomach sleeper, the next week is going to be filled with painful nights.

(OH GOD – now some chick is singing “What About Me” – what about you? You sound FUCKING TERRIBLE!!!!!!! If this karaoke doesn’t end soon, tonight is going to be even more painful that I’d anticipated.)

It was so worth it though – hanging with my BFF, trying to pull off stupid newspaper hats – OH YES WE DID! – seeing an awesome band, having Maccas for dinner at 11pm, and collapsing into bed in an exhausted, flaming heap. Totally worth it.



  1. I saw them in Sydney last wednesday. I have to say that I’m not the biggest Paramore fan, but I was impressed. Even if I think it DID show my age remarkably. Seriously.. crazy kids bouncing around in front of us, and when one bounced into me and then apologised, I thought to myself ‘naw.. these kiddies are going to look back on this when they’re my age and be all ‘shit that was a good time’, so LET THEM BOUNCE!

    I was upset they started early though. We got there at the time they were supposed to start and they were already half way through their set.

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