Posted by: k | January 26, 2010

Tuffy Love

For a little while now, Mum’s been half-heartedly considering a little dog. She did say, as did I, that when Snuggles passed away, we wouldn’t get another dog. Quite often we talk about him, and all the antics that he used to get up to. We agreed that we miss him more as time goes by.

With all the medication Dad’s on, he sleeps a lot. I mean, A LOT. As in, he sleeps all night, gets up in the morning, maybe watch tv for an hour or two, then fall asleep in his chair. Then he’ll go and lay on the bed and sleep for another 3-4 hours, before finally getting up having dinner, watching some more tv, and then go back to bed and sleep all night again. Mum gets lonely – it’s totally understandable.
(Dad has since copped a serve about sleeping TOO much – in essence sleeping both their lives away, and he’s a bit better with it now. He won’t lay on the bed during the day anymore!)

So Mum gets lonely. She volunteers at the Salvation Army; the welfare centre down the road. During December and January it’s 5 days a week, but normally it’s just one day. I think this is when she started thinking about another dog. Most days it’s like living alone with the amount of time Dad sleeps!

Then Mum’s best friend got a new puppy for Christmas – and she was jealous. Mega jealous.

This is when I made up my mind – I was going to find Mum a puppy for her birthday. Prerequisites were that it had to be a small dog with short hair. So on Sunday, Matt and I started looking. We went to a pet shop. They had an adorable Pomeranian/Papillion cross puppy, exactly the same breed as Snugs was – but this puppy was $900. OUCH.

Bearing in mind that Mum’s birthday is the end of February, I wasn’t intending to get one straightaway. I just wanted to have a look to see what was out there, and maybe see what would be coming in soon. That was when Matt suggested a trip to the RSPCA. So off we went. Just looking, we said. And we found one poor little puppy, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross. He was eight months old, and looked pretty cute. We filled out a form, went into his pen, and played with him for a few minutes. I told Matt that Mum would like this puppy.

We left, as once we said we were looking for a puppy for someone else, they wanted to meet the prospective owner. We had some lunch – and I rang Mum and said we were coming to pick her up… and had to admit that we were bringing her to look at a puppy. (Can’t get anything past my mum… seriously.)

We came back with Mum. She got a bit upset saying she felt guilty for thinking about replacing Snuggles. There is no way that Snugs could ever be replaced.
(Matt said she’s replacing me instead, since I’ve moved out of home and all.)
She met the puppy, had a bit of a play, and, well…

Here he is. Meet Tuffy:

We didn’t pick the name, it was given to him by his previous owner who also surrendered his brother, apparently named Scruffy. The RSPCA told us his previous owner had gotten very ill and couldn’t take care of him. They also told us that he was very timid and didn’t like strange people, and kids were probably a no-no.

I feel good for adopting him for Mum, and knowing that I’ve made a difference for this little guy instead of picking something in a pet shop.

He’s very loving – but we have a feeling that he was mistreated. He will come if you call him, but he will only come to you from the side, not front on. If you reach down to pat him, he cowers a bit until he trusts you. He’s constantly wanting food too – although I’m not sure if that’s just a puppy thing. Bearing that in mind, he’s a great dog, and already house trained!

Mum’s falling in love with him, and Dad’s pretending to ignore him – although I did see him throw a couple of Maccas chips on the floor to him!

It does feel strange to me seeing this little dude running around, he is on Snug’s stomping ground after all. But I’ve done good. And Mum got her present a month early, that’s all!



  1. True. You can never replace an animal. Tuffy will be a new adventure.

    I’m glad you guys adopted from the RSPCA too, rather than going to a pet shop. Most RS dogs have had a bit of a rough time. Give him time, he’ll probably come around 🙂

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