Posted by: k | January 10, 2010


The house is now officially void of soft drink. It has been for a few days.

I am struggling. I really want even just ONE glass of coke!

It’s no good for me, I know. After hearing all the different ways coke is used – a colleague said she uses it as a head lice treatment on her kids! – it makes me wonder what it does to your insides… but I still want to drink it! I’m an idiot… I stopped drinking it for about 6 weeks solid last year, and then starting having the odd glass with dinner, which then snowballed, as it does.

Considering that coke is also my only source of caffiene as I am a non-coffee drinker, maybe that’s why I’m finding it extra hard.

Matt is taunting me, waiting for me to crack. I’ve already made the bet with him though, and I’m too stubborn to give in! I will NOT be the first to give in to the urge, I refuse to let him win, even if it kills me! (And at this stage, it could be a possibility.)

I am drinking only water, milk, and the odd glass of sugar free mineral water with some ice.

I will survive! And I’m going to win this damn bet… although 6 months seems a long way off!



  1. don’t do it kelly! Once you have one, you’ll snowball!!!

    I should stop drinking soft drink too.

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