Posted by: k | December 28, 2009

Is It New Years Yet?!

My Christmas tree and all the associated festive garb is coming down tomorrow.

I’m over it.

Actually, to be over it, one would have to have been into it in the first place – which I wasn’t.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day themselves were okay. Matt and I had our first Christmas Eve bbq. Christmas Day was relaxing. I got up at 8am because I was hungry, had some breakfast, and went back to bed. I only got up at 11.50am because we had to go to the in-law’s for lunch. Christmas dinner itself was beautiful, as always. Mum did the usual and laid it all out. Roast beef, chicken, pork and all the hot vegetables as well as ham off the bone and lots of salad.
(We don’t eat turkey.)

But I wasn’t interested. I didn’t feel Christmasy. Neither was Matt, which is very understandable considering this was his first Christmas without his mum. We’ve also had a lot of drama going on with one of Matt’s brothers, but that’s a very long story. It was hard for him, and for me.

And so I’m more than ready to pack up all the decorations. I felt bad about doing it before New Years, until I visited my parents and learned that Mum had all of her stuff packed away on BOXING DAY. She wasn’t into this year, either.

Matt’s going back to work tomorrow, so it’s the perfect time for me to get it done and get the house organised. I’m also doing it while he’s at work because he usually keeps the birdcage where the tree currently sits. I hate having the birds in the house – they make too much mess, and considering Matt told me last week he saw mouse poo in the kitchen, well, the birds definitely aren’t coming back in the house. I’m going to put my bar there instead! Once the furniture’s moved, conversation over. Does anyone else do this to their partners?

I’m going to leave you with a photo of the present Matt opened from me on Christmas Day. He didn’t find it very amusing at all – actually he threw it on the floor where it sat until I put it in his spare room – but if you can’t laugh at yourself, then more fool you. (Besides, I, along with everyone else that knows Matt, thinks it’s bloody hilarious. And true.)

The Incredible Sulk.

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