Posted by: k | December 4, 2009

Vegetables? What are those?

I think I’ve forgotten what a decent meal looks like. You know, with the meat, and those coloured things? Vegetables, is it?

This week, I have consumed:
Sunday – KFC
Monday – Red Rooster
Tuesday – Hungry Jack’s
Wednesday – Mini chicken nuggets and chips
Thursday – Subway & fish and chips

Today I’m having pizza for lunch – work is buying since a few of us have to stay to answer the phones while everyone else is out at the Christmas party.
Tomorrow is my Body Shop party so there’ll be all sorts of nibbles that I’ll be putting out…

I need to stop being so lazy and start preparing meals – it’s not that hard!

If my trainer could read this she’d kick my arse until I started spitting teeth. You think I kid on that… I don’t.


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