Posted by: k | November 26, 2009

Work in progress

I’m at the end of my second week of contract work now. My feelings about it swing back and forth. On one hand, I’m very grateful to be working in the lead-up to Christmas. The money is good, the work is easy (at the moment, I’m getting trained in other tasks shortly), and the office is a 5 minute drive away. On the other hand, after being in the same job for two years, it’s very foreign to be somewhere else, especially as the “new temp girl”. Office politics, although very similar in generalisation, are totally different depending on the office dynamic. I’m very aware of it. In my last job I found myself ashamedly looking down on any temps that were brought in to help us – now I’m one myself, I need to adjust. 

My contract was supposed to run until December 23rd, although when I was in the interview it was mentioned that I may be needed longer if necessary. I didn’t get my hopes up – after all, it is nearly Christmas, a time when most businesses shut down for several weeks. My view of it was that I was stoked to get some work so I didn’t need to rely on my redundancy, and anything else after that would be a bonus.

Yesterday I was asked if I would be able to come back in the new year and work for another couple of months. It’s great – I get a week and a half off over Christmas and New Years, and then I have something to go back to. This time of year is terrible for job hunting – I think it was pure fluke that I got my last permanent job the week before Christmas 2007.

Without going into too much detail, there was a meeting today for all the permanent staff in the office, and apparently one of the points made was that the number of temps in the division I’m working in needs to be cut. There are three other temps and myself. I think word has gotten around that I was asked to stay, and I’m feeling very… awkward. There are some people who have been temping there a lot longer than I have.

I only worked a half day today as I can only do 38 hours a week. It will be interesting to see how things are when I arrive tomorrow morning.
I thought I’d left work stress behind for a little while!


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