Posted by: k | November 21, 2009

Fringe Benefits

I love my fringe.

But I have a love/hate relationship with the length of it.

I had it super short for years, then decided to grow it. Many times during this process, I begged my lovely hairdresser to just cut it off, already, but no, she wouldn’t. It actually got to a pretty decent length. Here I am in April 2008:

I finally cracked the shits with it. See how it was curling? Little known fact: my hair is actually wavy.
The very next haircut, the fringe was cut off. It took about 9 months of temper tantrums and many “No Kelly, I am NOT cutting it”s from my hairdresser to grow it, and 10 seconds to get rid of it. It was bliss!

I loved it for a few months… and then I regretted it. My hairdresser, of course, rolled her eyes once I told her. See, she’s been doing my hair for 6 years now, so she knows exactly what I’m like. So when I said I was going to try and grow it out again, I got the sarcastic, “Sure Kel, I believe you!” that I’ve heard so many times before. It’s been a gradual process over the course of the year. The past two haircuts I’ve actually said I want it short on top and at the back, but for Christ’s sake DO NOT BRING THAT RAZOR NEAR MY FRINGE, earning an amused reaction from my lovely hairdresser. Seriously – I don’t know how she puts up with me!

And, here I am today, with my face full of stress-and-hormone-induced zits:

Not too bad, eh? I have to note with irony that my hair colour looks pretty much the same in each photo, but I’ve had 7 different colours between them.
I discovered a secret about 10 months back to help me in my war against the fringe… a mini straightener. It sorts out that curl that made me get the chop last time. It makes sense, I know, to straighten – but I didn’t think they made mini straighteners. I can use it on what little hair I have without burning myself. Yay! No more curl! Take that, sucker.

(Also, I’d like to say a fond hello to my cheekbones, as it’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen them. I should probably put the fork down a little more often so I can get reaquainted with my collarbones, too…)

Anyway, my fringe is a still a bit shorter than it was, but it’s getting there, and I’m happy with it. The hot summer is going to make me curse frequently at it and make me wish that I’d cut it off, but I am going to persevere. I have been warned that the aim of this fringe is to have it nice and heavy – maybe this time next year I’ll have more hair than I can imagine…



  1. Lady, you are looking good! Like.. sparkles and sunshine! Go You. I see no zits. You look lovely.

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