Posted by: k | November 14, 2009

The Evil Eye Twitch of Impending Death

One night, back in September 2005, my eye started to twitch. I was at work, and when I mentioned it to a workmate, he said “Oh, that means someone close to you is about to die!”
I didn’t think it was funny, and I told him so. We went back to what we were doing, the conversation forgotten.

I finished my shift a few hours later and got in the car only to be informed that my grandfather had just passed away.
My eye stopped twitching.

Since then, every time my eye has twitched, the following has occurred (in this order):
– Our neighbour passed away.
– My grandmother passed away.
– Snuggles (my dog/little brother) became very ill and we had to have him put to sleep.
– My uncle passed away.
– My mother-in-law’s terminal brain tumour was discovered.

The first time it happened, I thought it was a load of crap. The second time, I thought it was a coincidence.
It’s now getting to the point that whenever my eye twitches, family members start screaming at me to stop looking at them. It’s beyond a joke – especially for someone as superstitious as I.

So, when my eye started twitching very faintly this week, I majorly freaked out. Maybe if I ignore it, since it’s faint… it’ll go away and leave me alone…

Well guess what?

Today my washing machine died. Seriously. We’re lucky that we could afford to replace it straightaway (thank you, redundancy!) because otherwise I would have been schlepping our dirty clothes back and forth from Mum’s to get our washing done for awhile. We got a bigger machine, saved 15% off the price, and it arrives on Monday.

And next time my eye twitches, I’ll be gouging the fucker out myself with a fork.


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