Posted by: k | October 26, 2009

Play by numbers

Let’s see how this plays out.

Two bootcamp sessions remaining.
One shiny new iPod Nano as a reward. (Purple, of course.)
Three weeks of shin splints.
Fifteen workouts completed so far this month.
Three kilos lost.

Two weeks left at work.
Four weeks waiting for a job agency who couldn’t be arsed calling me.
Three new agencies contacted today.
One interview, two to return calls.
One trip into the city which may or may not result in my getting lost.
Six years since I last set foot on a bus.
Two job websites to search.
One Pandora charm to purchase to symbolise my redundancy.

Four wheels needing new paintjob.
Three year old computer on the fritz.
One happy man: one new pool cue, one Cowboys flag and one pool cue/ball stand.

One. Looking after number one.



  1. that last line?


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