Posted by: k | October 9, 2009

Yay, it’s Friday! Four more to go!

If it hadn’t sunk in before now that my redundancy is looming, it sure is now. The transition of my department has begun, and we’re now losing our workload week by week.

I don’t want to say too much, since I’ve been careful with discussing work while I’ve been working for this company. This week we lost roughly a third of our workload, and the difference was huge. We were a day ahead by Wednesday. Finalising the weekly payment today showed just how much work has already gone. It’s just going to keep getting chipped away until there’s nothing left.

Two weeks ago, I went and put my name back down with a recruitment agency. I’ve decided not to go into another permanent position, but I’m happy to do temp work or a fixed-term contract. I haven’t heard anything yet, so I will have to get in touch with them again on Monday. This is where the jitters are starting – I’ve had this stable job for nearly 2 years, and now I’m not sure where my next pay will come from after my payout in November.

The redundancy for me, however, is not doom and gloom. It’s a blessing. It made me stop and think about what I was doing, and whether I could see myself doing it indefinitely. And I can’t. I really can’t see myself sitting behind a desk forever.

I’ve been interested in acrylic nails for years – actually, the set I’ve got now I’ve maintained for nearly two years. Every time I see my nail tech, I sit there and study what she does, what different tubes and bottles do, how she files, how she applies the powder…
It’s something I’ve considered studying, but never looked into. Now that I know I’m losing my job, I’ve looked into it. There’s a beauty school down the coast that is offering the Certificate II in Nail Technology part-time. One day a week (Saturday) for 18 weeks. I’ll be able to work full-time and do the course. I’m enrolling!

Once I’m a qualified nail technician, it means I can either work from home, be a travelling nail tech (which I think might be a little too awkward), or set myself up in a corner of a salon. AND WORK FOR MYSELF.

I’ve always said, even during high school, that I wanted to work for myself, and I would figure out a way. Well, this is it. And the best part? It’s nails. The majority of women love getting their nails done, even if it’s just a manicure. It’s also a trade where you can’t lose your job to a computer. And if I do it right, there can be good money in it, too.

So I’m taking the plunge. I’m going to keep working, albiet temp/contract, I’m going to study my arse off, practise on the numerous people that have offered to be test dummies, and I’m going to get set up and run my own show.

This redundancy is going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.



  1. It’s wonderful how you’re making lemonade out of some admitted lemons – taking this opportunity to make some big changes is going to be a great new beginning for you. Well done!!

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