Posted by: k | September 1, 2009

To pierce or not to pierce?

It’s official. I want another piercing.

I, the person who suffered for a week and a half with a fresh Monroe, fretting about her misshapen face and feeling like she’d been slugged one, wants another piercing.

I thought it might be a nice redundancy present to myself. Unless I end up dealing with the public. That would be fun.

All of my piercings are facial/ears. I’m worried that getting something else above the neck would make me look too “hard”, as Matt puts it. But I’m not sure if there’s anything below the neck I’m willing to jab. I could go a belly button piercing, but considering my fight to lose a substantial amount of weight, I probably wouldn’t be happy with it, and I’ve heard about the piercing growing out with weight loss. I also – very briefly – considered a nipple, but I really don’t think I could handle having a needle shoved through a very sensitive area like that, let alone the swelling and the pus. (I have a friend that had it done.)

I love the tragus piercing, but again, that’s ear, and that might be a bit much above the neck. Plus, I’d have to go my right ear, because my left ear is my phone ear… but I sleep on my right side.

I’m tempted just to go the belly button. Seeing some bling there might give me a bit more motivation to get cracking at the gym, but it might not.

Ohhhh… now I’m talking about it I want to do it even more!



  1. I want a tattoo on my wrist. It’s a bold move but I want “and I wonder…” in a fancy cursive on my wrist. Possibly in the white ink though because then it’s less obvious..

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