Posted by: k | August 21, 2009

One or the other.

I did something today that could either be considered very, very brave, or very, very stupid. I have yet to decide which one.

I signed up for Boot Camp.

Boot. Camp.

Pain. PAIN. More pain.


So, why did Kelly, lover of all things held in the wee hours of the morning (cough) sign up for boot camp? I got talked into it. Sort of.

One of the girls at work mentioned that her gym had organised a boot camp, and that you didn’t have to be a member of that gym to participate. A few people said to me “Oh, Kel, you should definitely do that!” – the same people, I might add, who pulled all sorts of excuses to get out of it themselves…

Anyway, at first, I thought that there was no way in hell I would do it. Then I gave it a passing thought. Then I really thought about it, and I thought ‘why not?’ – I’ve been having PT sessions once a week for over a year now, and I throw in the odd spin class, so why not up the ante some more?

The boot camp itself consists of two sessions per week, for eight weeks. I can handle eight weeks, right? There will be indoor and outdoor sessions, mainly outdoors, with what I’m assuming will be running drills, push ups, sit ups, and more ways to torture me, I’m sure.

So I did it. This afternoon, before I had a chance to talk myself out of it, I went down to my friend’s gym and signed up. I had to pay $320 upfront, which works out to $22.50 a session. Fairly reasonable. I also get a “free” t-shirt, which will come in handy for workouts. And I have a workout buddy!

Maybe it isn’t a stupid thing I’ve signed up for, after all. It is a bold move, I’ll admit.

And hey, if at the end of the eight weeks, I’m dead from exhaustion, at least I’ll look good in the coffin.

(On a side note, I would also like to mention that I have not consumed a drop of anything other than water since Monday morning. I, who can drink 1-2 litres of Coke a day, has not touched soft drink for five whole days. I feel great. I don’t even have a headache!)


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