Posted by: k | August 17, 2009

Love and Hate Monday

A bit of lightheartedness to remind myself that it’s not the end of the world, after all…

Love: The awesome weekend I had.
Hate: It’s Monday. Again.

Love: I found out when my last day at work is. November 6. That means 11 more Mondays.
Hate: Must. Stay. Motivated!

Love: That today was Cupcake Day, and I did not indulge! Self control!
Hate: There were cupcakes everywhere, ALL DAY.

Love: Today was my first totally soft-drink free day in a long time.
Hate: I have a headache. Coke is my only source of caffiene. I feel deprived. Very, very deprived.

Love: I found the nail course I want to do, a few minutes away from home, at a reasonable price.
Hate: It’s three weeks full-time, and I want to start NOW!

Love: My iPod. My pretty purple iPod.
Hate: It went flat at work, and I had to sit in silence.

Love: I got paid on Saturday.
Hate: I only have two more normal pays, and then my redundancy payout. When I type it out like that, monthly pay sucks hardcore.

Love: If I go back to temping, as is my plan, I’ll go back to getting paid weekly.
Hate: After over 18 months of monthly pay, having incoming money every week will be scary!

Love: That the weather is warming up. Finally!
Hate: I kept waking up last night because I was too hot under all the blankets and my flannelette pjyamas. Time to retire them until next winter, I think.
Another hate: The new house doesn’t have ceiling fans or air conditioning. Uh oh..



  1. Quick! Invest in some standing fans.. pronto! (We even have them here, in London, because I cannot slep without one when it is hot!)

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