Posted by: k | August 12, 2009

Random thoughts.

I had two posts planned, both with photos to be shared. I did have the foresight to charge my batteries for the camera – but Matt stole them for the Wii. Good intentions, no actions, yet. The posts will come…

Not a great deal is happening, really. I spoke with the HR manager at work last week, and I’m feeling better now that I know what the redundancy package consists of. There is an option to be redeployed in another area of the company, but I won’t be looking into it. I’ve had more than enough of where I’m working. I haven’t said much – if anything – here, but this workplace has been the most challenging to work in. It’s very political – and I always feel uncomfortable. I’m over it. I’m looking at this redundancy as an opportunity to move onto bigger and better things. The nail technician course which I’ve been talking about for the past 12 months is now a feasible option, and who’s to say that I can’t have my own small business somewhere?

I came home sick from work at lunchtime yesterday (blasted sinuses), and spent most of the afternoon looking out the windows. One guy turned into my street on a motorbike, and as soon as he did, the bike died. He stood in front of my neighbour’s house for at least 5 minutes, trying to get it started again. Eventually, it turned over, and it putt-putted haphazardly down the street. I had a chuckle, not at his misfortune, but at the irony. I live in a dead end street – albiet a long one… the guy probably could have walked the bike home in the time it took him to get it started again!

Our tax returns have been filed and refunds received; thanks to moi, and my reward from Matt was a lovely dinner last night.
(It was totally my idea. I told him that since I did his tax, I deserved either a nice dinner out, or incredibly hot sex – TMI? Sorry! – so I ended up with chicken parmigiana and baked potato.)

I blew through $200 this morning. Whoops. I bought two dresses from Kmart, and a purple pair of heels, which were only $10. Bargain!
Then we had a family excursion (being my parentals and myself) to Rivers, since every time we see an ad, one of us says ‘we’ll have to go there one time…’
I got a pair of shorts and three t-shirts for $50 – very cool. One of the shirts says “Innocent even when proven guilty.”
Lastly, I bought two new charms for my second Pandora bracelet, a dragon, and the pineapple. The pineapple is mainly to annoy Matt, as I still haven’t let him live down the speeding ticket he got right outside the Big Pineapple!

I’m off to the gym now, for the first time all week. My trainer isn’t going to be happy, but well, I have been sick, and I’ve been walking and playing the Wii, so I haven’t been doing nothing!

Next time I post I will definitely have some photos of the house! After I clean it again, that is…



  1. second pandora!? I’m still only half way through my first!

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