Posted by: k | August 1, 2009

Mind Blank

I haven’t been around. When I have been online, I haven’t even thought about checking my feed reader or writing a post. Sad, I guess.

The house is going okay – although I’m feeling a bit frustrated with housework duties. Seems I’m the only one that believes dishes, bathroom cleaning and checking the mail need to be done on a regular basis. Also, our bin nearly didn’t get emptied last week because I left for work without putting it out. I turned around just in the nick of time.
I also wrecked a good pair of black pants scrubbing out the bathtub with bleach this morning.

Matt’s mum is now in the palliative care unit of our local hospital, as she is now deteriorating rapidly on a daily basis. She can no longer talk, walk, feed herself, take herself to the shower or toilet, and the right side of her body is paralysed.

Oh, and just this week, I was told that I’m probably going to be made redundant sometime between now and June next year. My guess is this will happen before Christmas. Some higher-ups at the company I work for have decided that having offices in Brisbane AND Melbourne is not efficient, therefore the Brisbane office goes. Melbourne SUCKS.

So that’s the past few weeks wrapped up in a shitty nutshell. I’ll be back eventually, unless I lose my shit completely, and then who knows.



  1. Hey, you, chin up! I read that life is not going to plan right now… imagine something better and stick with it. I always have to get my bin out too… I totally relate to you…take care….Joh

  2. Oh hon, that’s a lot going on at once.

    Big hugs to you – and to the fam as well. xxx

    (I miss you!)

  3. I’m sorry things are hard. I’ve missed your posts. I hope things get better – if you want to talk, you know where to find me.

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