Posted by: k | July 5, 2009

Unboxed. Mostly.

Well, we’re in. Eight days have elapsed since we got the keys, and the place is starting to look like home. It’s been a bit strange, actually, but good strange. Looking around, it’s hard to believe that 95% of this furniture was crammed into a 3x3m room. Space – we have it.

I didn’t get my internet working until today. I signed up for mobile broadband a full week before we moved, and was told it would be activated within 4 hours of me signing the contract. When I finally got online this afternoon, I saw the activation email was dated a full WEEK AND A HALF after I signed up. Four hours my arse. Not happy – that’s a week and a half I’ll be billed for. Anyway, I’m here now. The internet break was somewhat refreshing too, but it’s good to be back!

I have yet to find my camera, but there’s very little left to unbox, so it can’t be too far away. Once everything is fully unpacked and clean, there’ll be photos, I promise!

(Oh, and after a week of cooking, cleaning and washing, I think I may just be overcoming my domestic disability.)



  1. Oh moving . . . so not fun! We also just finished unpacking and a week’s hard slog, and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS!

  2. YAY congrats on moving – can’t wait to see photos of the new house 🙂

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