Posted by: k | June 12, 2009


Let’s see, what’s happened in the last week?

1. One of my good friends finished up at work, because she’s moving to SWITZERLAND next month. Goodbye drinks were had, and I think I can say that I was drunk for only the 2nd time in my 21 years. Mixing drinks because the pub thinks the drink you’d prefer is too “suburban”? Not the best idea. No hangover though – I think that was sheer dumb luck.
2. I proceeded to go on a bigger-than-normal clothing shopping spree, because damnit, everything was half price (!!!), I needed new work clothes that are winter friendly, and…
3. Matt and I are HOUSE HUNTING!

(So, if we’re house hunting, and therefore need money, why did I go on a clothing binge? Well, my logic is: once we move, I won’t be able to buy stuff at will… and no matter the financial situation, I need to look damn presentable.)

We’re renting to start with. Eventually we’ll buy, but I’m thinking that may wait until after we’re married. Actually, we found a nice house online, and there’s a viewing tomorrow morning. The rent is affordable, there’s a garage, room for Matt’s beloved pool table AND the rest of our furniture. I’m excited, but nervous as hell. I know we’ll be fine, but it’s that “wow, I’m moving out of home” thing that’s getting me.

If we get this house, it fits my criteria to a T: far enough away from my parents for me to do my own washing, and close enough to bring my ironing home to Mum. You think I kid. I don’t. Mum has other ideas…

Speaking of mums, Matt’s goes back to the hospital on Tuesday (Matt’s birthday) to have a mask done of her face. Not long after this, her treatment will begin. I forget what I’ve mentioned here, but she will only be receiving 3 weeks of treatment, half the regular dosage. The doctors have said that with treatment, they estimate she’ll have around 6 months. She has the most aggressive form of brain tumour, and it’s fast growing, as well as being in a position that they definitely can’t operate on.

It’s been an interesting week, and things are about to get more so…


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