Posted by: k | May 15, 2009

Kelly’s Hair of 2009 (aka OMG I’m a POSER)

Once again, I have made a list of things I would like to accomplish this year.
(See here if you don’t know about it.)

Since we’re now in the middle of MAY – what the hell’s happened?! – I thought it may be time for a recap of what I’ve done so far. Sadly, the answer is, not a lot. I’ve booked a cruise, and that’s about it.

Although, I have crossed one thing off my list. This year, I pledged to change my hair colour at least twice. To some, this sounds stupid, and to others who know me, it’s a cop out, because I’m always wanting to try something different. I have done as I set out to do – changed the hair, and here’s proof!

First off, a look at what I rang in the New Year with:

Blonde, with a splash of purple for my 21st. Yes, I look drunk. No, I am not.

January brought the day of reckoning, and I sat in the hairdressers chair FREAKING OUT while the colour developed, because Lord, it was dark, and if I didn’t like it… oh hell, I knew I’d love it:


From there, I felt like I needed a bit of extra colour, as seen here:


Then, last week, I swapped the brunette for something a bit more fiery:

If you’re extra observant, you’ll have noticed that my fringe is getting longer. I’m trying to grow it to a decent length. My hairdresser has a plan for my wedding hair. It involves a long fringe, and although I put up a fight at first, it’s growing on me. Ha.

I’d also like to think that between the blonde and the red photos, I’ve lost chin and gained some jawline. That could be because I’m getting better at posing at flattering angles, or maybe, just maybe, the spin classes, PT sessions and general sweating are actually starting to do something.

So, what exactly have I accomplished so far this year? Lots of colour… and I’m not done yet!



  1. OMG HELLO cheek-bones! It’s completely noticeable!

    Well done, you!

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