Posted by: k | May 11, 2009


I’m trying to work through some issues (weight-related) that I wouldn’t normally speak about here. I have another blog for that, since I prefer to blog anonymously on that topic. It might be time for some publicity about it, though. I sort of feel like by blogging anonymously, I’m not really putting it out there… if that even makes sense.

I’m eating better. I joined a weight-loss program (I know, I know, I wouldn’t have done it, but a friend encouraged me to go with her… she only went twice. I try to go fortnightly, mainly because of the cost.) I go to the gym 3-4 days a week, one of those is a PT session, and two of those are spin classes. I am motivated. I am determined. I walk on my lunchbreaks.

And the scale does not budge.

I had measurements taken in April, and I’d lost 7.5cm in two months. Not bad… but it’s still frustrating that change isn’t registering on the scales.

Yes, I’ve toned up a fair bit. You could even say I have muscles. Oooh, muscles. But you can’t see them!

I have a deadline now. I have chosen a set amount of weight I’d like to lose by October. This set amount is about a third of my total goal, so it would be a good start. Why October? Matt and I have booked, and put down a deposit for, a South Pacific cruise that sets sail on October 3. And I’d rather not have tourists pointing at me and exclaiming “Look, there’s a beached whale on the boat!!!”

Onward and downward, which means more downward progress as I go onward.


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