Posted by: k | May 4, 2009

My Long Weekend

Someone out there must have a voodoo doll of me. Why, I don’t know, but they must. Seriously.

I was so looking forward to this weekend, because golly, I’ve been feeling worn out. Early starts, long days, other people’s sick days, hardcore gym visits – my butt STILL hurts from those back-to-back spin classes – and I was ready for some glorious rest.

Which is why, I note with sweet irony, that after being surrounded by sick people for months, it is only this weekend that I have become one of those people almost singlehandedly keeping the Kleenex stocks afloat while also doing my bit to help out the makers of Nurofen and Ventolin.

Yes, my fear has come to fruition: I have come down with the Dreaded Lurgy.

Couldn’t have happened weeks ago, or even a couple of months ago when Mum was riddled with it for six weeks, or when a colleague was almost crippled with it over Easter. Oh no. It had to happen on one of the final long weekends of the year, the weekend before one of the fiscal calendar’s busiest weeks, the weekend I was seeing my BFF for the last time before she heads off on her European Adventure (bitch). It had to happen after I’ve been surrounded by the damn thing for months. On one hand, yay for my immune system, which managed to hold off for so long, but boo for the crappy timing.

The sweet irony also covers the needing of more tissues and cold & flu tablets on a public holiday when stores are shut. I went to the convenience store, which wasn’t conveninent, because there was some damn family day going on in the park behind the store. No carparks, no patience, and getting to pay extra for the convenience.

After buying the essentials, I realised that I would need some food so I could have the first tablet. I considered Maccas, but then decided – on a thought that will probably be untrue – that eating a sausage smothered in cheese and sweet chilli sauce before being wrapped in pastry will have more nutritional value than a cheeseburger.

I did accomplish one thing this weekend, however; the rotating of my summer and winter wardrobes. Yes, I now have that many items of clothing that I can only have one season out at a time. This means taking out 95% of my summer clothes, emptying Space Bags of winter clothes, putting the summer clothes back into said Space Bags, and then organising my winter clothes on my shelving.

Time to crawl back into my hole of Kleenex-filled self pity.



  1. That’s no good – I hope you feel better soon!

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