Posted by: k | April 29, 2009

Lucky 13

I’ve been slack and haven’t posted, because I’ve been eagerly anticipating my domain launch, but since I haven’t heard back from my hostess, well, I return.

Nothing exciting is happening, really. I got a new Siamese fighter fish, called Squirt. My super duper naming abilities defied me, I know. But he’s little (at the moment), so that’s where the idea came from. Little bastard flared me for the first time today, too. Photos to come.

I bought a new purse today. I hate buying new purses, because I can never find any decent ones with enough card spaces, ya know? I’m not one of these coin purse chicks, I have to have ALL my junk with me – another reason I’m about to swap from a small bag back to one of those huge things you can pack your life away in. It can be a little awkward to carry around, but hey, I can’t get my deoderant can in my smaller bag, so I’m embracing the sweet smelling awkwardness by swapping back.
Anyway, I sort of digressed here. New purse. Many MANY card spaces, and I ended up filling more spaces than I thought. Oops. After all that, I put $13 in it, which is all the cash I had on me. Oh, and after all that functionality, it’s PURPLE, and I got it for 20% off! Lucky? We’ll see.

Finally, KRudd, where’s my money, man? You come out and you’re all “working people earning under $100K a year will get $900!” and I have yet to see a cent! Let’s be real here, I got my car rego in the mail 3 days ago, so the government’s gonna get $600 of that $900 straight back. Give me the cash so I can at least pretend I’m better off for a couple of weeks! Knowing my luck, I’ll get the cash in the bank one day and have to pay it out the next. Le sigh.



  1. As long as I beat Phill in getting my $900 I’m happy! So many of my friends have got theirs today – hopefully ours isn’t too far off. I’m getting my car serviced with it and the left overs will go on my holiday. I’ve still got my rego, but that will have to wait.

  2. Ah I hate how it logs me into wordpress because it doesn’t leave a link. And it calls me “byootaful” which is silly because I’m Katie. 😛

  3. I’ve heard they’re doing it by postcode, one of my friends got it today (she lives down the coast, Carrara I think) and she said ALL of her friends who live at Morningside got it ages ago.

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me, I need a service too… and a maybe a new CV joint… boo!

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