Posted by: k | April 6, 2009


Finally, the time of year is upon us where the morning air is crisp, the sun is hot enough to make for a beautiful day without burning me to a cinder, and the nights are cooling down, which means awesome things like being able to sleep with the sheets pulled up, and snuggling.

However it is also the time of year that I am reminded that it can be a bit difficult to snuggle with the person responsible for tearing up the sheets and leaving your tootsies out in the open. See, when you’re sharing a bed with someone of rather tall stature, as I do (6’3″!), you find that their feet always, no matter how often you remake the bed, or how much sheet you tuck under, end up sticking out the bottom.

I have this thing about my feet. When I sleep, in all weather, they need to be covered, at the very least by a sheet. It doesn’t feel like a proper night’s sleep otherwise.

So when Stretch makes like his name, I get cold. Last winter I retaliated by sticking my cold feet on him as punishment – after protesting for a bit, he realised that socks did the trick. You know what else would do the trick? Bending his damn knees!

That’s okay, I’ll remember soon enough all the other ways I can pay him back…



  1. I know the feeling. Want a tip? Get a doona that is too big for your bed! Works every time. We have a Queen size bed, with a King size doona. Perfecto. 🙂

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