Posted by: k | March 12, 2009

Three Years

Three years ago today, a man arrived on my doorstep, bearing a long-stemmed red rose and a nervous smile.

Three years ago today, we got into his car and drove into the Valley for our first date – a workmate’s birthday, while our friend in the backseat (the one responsible for Matt obtaining my number) teased us the whole way.

Three years ago today, we ended up in two gay clubs. I nervously danced with some friends at the first one – Matt swallowed his pride and got on the dancefloor too, until I laughed at him. (Humiliated, he now says he won’t ever dance again…)
At the second club, after our first kiss, the floor was cleared to make way for a rather masculine looking Mariah Carey, who lipsynched her way through “We Belong Together” – much like the original Mariah does, I suspect – and I nearly had my hand squeezed clean off by the only straight man in the building.

Three years ago today, we ditched the party after several hours, and went for a drive. He took me to a local lookout which I’d never heard of. We were able to see all the way into the heart of the city, all lit up, and watched the planes take off and land, while we talked.

Three years ago today – well, let’s be honest, it was about 4am the next day at this stage – he drove me home, and walked me to my door, where we clung to each other for what was probably a good hour, neither of us wanting the night to end.

Three years on, I still remember the night in great detail. It was the first glimpse of a girl should be treated, unlike previous encounters I’d had; drinks bought, doors opened, hand held.

It’s a night Matt hasn’t forgotten either – on the weekend, he said “only a few days to go now!” – and to date, he’s never forgotten an anniversary, nor has he neglected to spoil me rotten. Even now, though I know at times we annoy the shit out of each other test each other’s patience, I know we’re onto a good thing.

And whaddya know, as I’m typing this, the sun has come out for the first time all week.

Happy three years, Stretch.


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