Posted by: k | March 10, 2009

Dye, blonde, dye!

I paid another visit to my friendly hairdresser today. Time to get that regrowth taken care of. A couple of the girls there had new hairstyles, one had gone from brunette to an awesome red (me jealous) and another had cut her hair quite short, like mine, but had a long fringe.

Once again, I am attempting to grow out my own fringe, despite the fact that with each attempt I crack the shits and get it cut off again. It isn’t very long yet, so it isn’t annoying me, but I’m sure in the coming months it will wear away at my patience.

As for my colour, I am still on the dark side – with a splash of copper in my fringe. I wanted to create a bit of interest, as long as it wasn’t blonde. It’s all or nothing, apparently. No photo yet. I bought new rechargeable batteries but it turns out the stupid things don’t hold their charge. So until I have the patience to plug them back in for 6 hours, I shall remain face-less.
Also got my lashes and brows tinted – yikes – need to wield the tweezers, which will be interesting, as I’m only good at tweezing one side.

In other news, stupid me decided to wash her bedding at 3pm, while it was raining, and is now waiting for the dryer to finish so she can go downstairs (probably in the rain) to bring the stuff up.

And that is my second day of holidays…


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