Posted by: k | March 2, 2009

Dig this?

I had a carefully constructed rant 80% written when I hit a wrong button and it all disappeared. Don’t you hate that?

To sum up: I saw a house for rent, we inspected it, it was totally crap and not worth the money they were asking, and although I’m pissed off that it wasn’t the house of my dreams (because oh-em-gee, privacy?! Wha?!), well, in all honesty, we aren’t quite financially ready to get our own place yet, so meh.

At the end of this week I go on two weeks holidays; and while I don’t talk about my job in the blogosphere, I will say that I am looking forward to a break! Planned activities are getting my hair and nails done, treating myself to my first professional massage, and heck, maybe even a pedicure. I deserve it. I might even work up the enthusiasm to go to the gym every day, too!

I have given up all hope of a miracle cure for my Sinuses from Hell, too. I ended up going back to my doctor, begging for something different, so he’s given me a referral to a specialist. Two weeks to go, and I can see the specialist and get my head checked out. The headaches over the past couple of weeks have been phenomenal. It hurts to blink, for God’s sake!
Good news: After almost two years, I could very well find myself cured of sinus trouble.
Bad news: If the only way to fix it is surgery, I’m looking at a few days in hospital, about a week and a half off work, and a bill for anywhere up to $3000.
Worse news: I had a wisdom tooth removed about 6 months ago. Now I have another wisdom tooth giving me trouble, and it will have to come out sooner rather than later.

Does anyone have a spare head they’d like to give me? One with a single chin would be a bonus!



  1. well.. all my wisdom teeth are gone, and my sinuses only give me bad trouble once or twice a year… but I have a double chin. DOH.

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