Posted by: k | February 18, 2009

The big paddock in the sky

I read tonight that one of Aly’s beloved pets, Max, has passed away.

It made me cry – because I know exactly how she feels. It’s only been nine months since Snuggles passed, and anything puppy related still makes me cry.

Max, like Snuggles, gave awesome (albiet smelly) kisses, and had a heart a bazillion times bigger than his body could hold. Judging by his picture, he also tolerated occasions of wearing “human clothes” which he pulled off with a sense of style.

From one mourning pet owner to another – the tears will dry, but the memories will never fade. Especially ones which involve skidding headfirst into doors, protesting bathtime, or simply the quiet moments with you by their side. As painful as it sounds, with each day you will miss them more, but it is comforting to know that they’re now happy and pain free.

Aly, I’m sure that our two best friends have met up on the other side, and after a bit of snapping (Snuggles was rather antisocial with other dogs…), they’ll become best of friends and spend their days roaming around looking for Schmacko’s to share. Who knows, they might even be wearing their shirts.

I’m thinking of you and your family – let me know if you need a shoulder to cry on.



  1. This was beautiful KM, thanks! And don’t worry, Max was the most patient of all puppies, so I reckon he would still love the antisocial Snuggles. Big hugs! xx

  2. you’re a sweetheart
    Max was such a softhearted dog – i’m sure he’s snuggled up happily – probably dog heaven for max is a big basket of warm clothes out of the dryer to sleep on

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