Posted by: k | February 11, 2009

I am not in control.

Tonight I returned home from the gym at 7pm, ate dinner, and then wanted to watch what I could of the Biggest Loser. Matt was in our room watching a movie, so I headed into “Dad’s Room” to watch it in there.

I sat down, and grabbed a remote. Pressed the on button. Nothing. I saw another remote, and tried that one. Still nothing. Then I saw a pile of remotes.

“DAD!!!” I screamed from the other end of the house.
“Which remote turns this bloody TV on?!”

Dad walked up the hallway, grabbed yet another remote from his computer desk, and turned on the TV, in time for me to see the final credit on the Biggest Loser.

Annoyed at the show being shorter than I expected, I turned off the TV and put down the remote. Then I looked at the table beside me and decided to count exactly how many remotes Dad had there.


NINE freaking remotes!

At least three were for different TV’s (we have 6 in the house), another two or three were for assorted DVD players, and God knows what the others were for. I’m sure two of them were universal ones!


If I’d have grabbed the right one to begin with, I might have caught the last five minutes of my show.

Dad had a laugh, as did Mum. Then again, my mum is a serial channel-surfer and is in charge of the TV in the lounge room.

Nine remotes. I don’t believe it. I thought having three in my bedroom was bad.

PS. Total remote controls in our house – 16. Dad’s nine, my three, and four in the lounge room. I guess you could say we are a family of ‘control freaks’!


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