Posted by: k | February 5, 2009

My purple is missing!

I was cleaning my desk tonight, and sorted through a massive pile of jewelery.

I’m missing an earring. Not just any earring. An earring from the set my brother in law got me for my birthday. This upsets me.

First of all, the set is sterling silver, with a pair of earrings and a necklace, both having square purple CZs. Gorgeous. Secondly, the only things that top this set are my diamond earrings and -purple, of course – Pandora bracelet. And thirdly, my brother in law is not a gift-giver. He doesn’t do gifts. The last gift he gave was at my engagement party where he handed Matt a roll of clingwrap and a bag of rubber bands. (Please don’t make me explain that one.)

So when I received this stunning purple jewelery from my brother in law, I was stunned. Turns out he’d been paying attention over the last 30 or so months I’d been with his brother.
(Although me driving around in a purple car, with purple nails and purple highlights does drop a bit of a hint, doesn’t it?)

And I’m missing an earring! Fark.

Matt vaccummed last weekend. I’m assuming had the earring been on the floor, he would have seen it. It isn’t exactly a small purple stone.

I sad. I need to hunt for it. I was planning on wearing them tomorrow!




  1. OH NO there is nothing worse. And it can do your head in after a while when your looking and looking and looking and your trying to remember your steps. I hope you find it or have found it!

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