Posted by: k | February 1, 2009

Launch of an Addict’s Journal

I decided to create a space for me to document everything I’ve done with my crafts. My main inspiration was Kathyn’s creations blog – I love seeing how she takes her photos and some paper and turns it into something beautiful, and it prompted me to do something similar.

I also wanted to do it to keep track of things I’ve made and given as gifts. Sometimes I make something I’m really happy with, and I feel a bit hesitant about giving it away, which is silly! At least this way I can keep a record of what I’ve made, so if I either forget how I did something, or am asked to do it again, I have a reference.

So from now on, all my crafty accomplishments will be on display at my Violet Notebook. Hopefully I can turn it into something big and memorable for myself!


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