Posted by: k | January 31, 2009

Something’s the matter with me…

Physically, not mentally, so shut up.

My sinuses are once again at epic can’t smell/migraine inducing/head exploding proportions, so I’m expecting to fall in a heap rather shortly. Another indication of this is the dry, scratchy throat I’ve been waking up with for the past week and a half.

New symptoms though – yesterday, whenever I took a deep breath, I got a sharp stabbing pain in my ribs. Today, I went out for lunch, which made me quite ill, and now everything from my ribs down and my bladder up is very painful. I actually feel like my whole midsection is in a neverending cramp. Can’t be good.

Matt wants me to go see a doctor tomorrow. I’ll see how I feel. Our doctors surgery is always packed, and lately you can’t get in unless you’ve made an appointment a couple of weeks in advance. Last weekend Dad couldn’t even get someone there to give him a simple injection.

Going to bed now to lay still and feel sorry for myself…


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