Posted by: k | January 27, 2009

Diamonds are a Credit Card’s Best Friend

I saw a pair of diamond studs on sale yesterday.

After ooh-ing and ahh-ing, I walked away, lusting after them, because one, the store was shut – seriously, open on Boxing Day but shut on Australia Day? What’s the deal?! – and two, although they were on sale for half price, I knew I couldn’t afford them.

Today came, though, and my resolve fled. Totally goneski. Since we were heading up to the shopping centre on my lunchbreak, I thought, what the hell, let’s have a look and see if the diamond studs are still there.

They were. And they spoke to me. Loudly. Showering my insides with warm fuzzy feelings and thoughts of having two sets of diamond studs in my ears.

And again, like the lure of the cookies on the dark side, I just couldn’t resist.

So my credit card took a $200 bashing, but my ears look smashing. Positively sparkling, even.

I’m now slightly worried about being kidnapped and raided for my jewels. My diamond count is 7 – two pairs of earrings, two diamonds in my 18th birthday ring, and my engagement ring.

The bling is mine!

All I need now is a diamond nose stud and diamond Monroe stud. Let me know if you see any.

Perhaps it may be better to tell me in several months though, considering payday is three weeks away, and I have roughly, oh, $500 to get me through.



  1. I am like that with shoes.

    They call me.

    They are my crack.

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