Posted by: k | January 20, 2009


I have an announcement.

And now that the necessary people in my life know, I can share it here without freaking out that someone who doesn’t know finds it online and it causes a big hoo-ha.

(Sounds like I’m pregnant or terminally ill, doesn’t it?)

I… am going on holiday. Namely, a cruise!

I get to lose my overseas-visiting virginity with a 7 day cruise of the South Pacific! It’s described on the P&O Website as “Week Fantastique” – and that’s exactly what it’s going to be!

We – being me, Mum and a close family friend – leave Brisbane and go to New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands, and Vanuatu, before returning to Brisbane a week later.

So when do I go? Not until August 29th. Plenty of time to get excited!

You may have noted that there’s only three people going, and Matt isn’t one of them. I didn’t tell him I was thinking about going until I had made up my mind one way or the other, and quite honestly, his reaction is a whole new story…

So what’s a girl to do to make sure she’s looking fine for this trip?

A work colleague (who got engaged on NYE) and I have embarked on a massive health kick this year – we walk every lunchtime, prepare healthy lunches and snacks, and steer clear of the nasty vending machine. I still go to the gym, too, and I really should pick up the pace on that…

I’m making a bit of progress, I’ve had a small loss in the two weeks I’ve been working on myself. It’s not a lot, but by the time the cruise comes around I will be rocking the boardies!

Bring it on!


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