Posted by: k | December 29, 2008

The Silly Season that was…

The season was so Silly that I didn’t have time to chronicle said Silly events until now…
Where to begin?

Dec 18th – I finally turned 21! I had to work, but the lovely girls in my department made it special for me. I arrived to find my desk covered with silly string and a big happy birthday banner. They then dragged me away from my desk for morning tea, which consisted of a massive Cheesecake Shop mud cake, a packet of Cadbury Favourites, and a box of Fererro Rochers, followed by lunch, followed by more cake and chocolate. They also bought me a furry tiara which had flashing lights and ’21’ in purple, and told me I had to wear it all day… it didn’t phase me, of course.

Dec 20th – the infamous Purple Party took place. We spent all day setting up the seating area:


Blowing up 100 helium balloons:


Mingling (me here with my BFF Kelly – yes, that’s really her name):


And of course, every occasion with a camera just has to include one of those photos:


Skip right on past until Christmas morning, which has me receiving goodies such as purfume, scratchies, and a WII. Yes, a Wii. I spent all of Christmas morning trying to play tennis, and while I sucked to begin with, I’m getting better. Christmas night was spent playing WiiFit. Between that? Food, food, and MORE FOOD.

Boxing Day – running around trying to find a second Wii remote, for the low price of $70 *coughcoughsplutter* more food.

Saturday and Sunday- WiiYoga, and general bludging. And food. And Madagascar 2.
“Hand me my nuts on a silver platter…”

That’s pretty much it. Not quite the lengthy post I had imagined.

New Years Eve I’m hosting a bbq and Wii-fest. I’m yet to see how the Wii handles drunks, so it should be fun!



  1. i feel like a loser because i don’t have a wii…. maybe i should just get drunk on new years? sounds like a plan!

    Am glad you had a good birthday! it looks verry prettyyy 🙂
    as do you! you’re rocking that hat!

  2. Drunken Wii playing is FANTASTIC. (I suck at tennis.)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – sounds like you had a fun time
    love hte purple set up – i had a purple party for my 40th !!!

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