Posted by: k | December 14, 2008

Breaking Dawn, reality, and Christmas!

I’ve finished the Twilight series. That means I’ve read all four books in 10 days. If you want to break it down, the books have 2381 pages in total. And I read every single one in 10 days.

I feel a bit robbed, to be honest. The very last page of Breaking Dawn simply says “The End” – and I’m supposed to be okay with that? Gah.

Now that I’ve finished all the books, I’m going to start from the beginning again, and try to slow down my frantic page-turning. I’m sure I’ve missed bits and pieces that might make a bit more sense as I reread everything.

At least I can get back to reality now… my birthday is on Thursday, and my big birthday bash is on Saturday night. This week is going to be huge. I’ve got my official one-year workiversary on Wednesday, said birthday is Thursday, and Christmas Party #3 is Friday. Tenpin bowling… woo!

I spent all afternoon making candles today – my Christmas presents. I’ve got to make another 6, and then that’s everyone taken care of, bar my parentals and Matt. Mum’s made a request for a certain gift, and as for the blokes, no idea. Technically, I bought Matt’s present last month when I paid for his car registration, but still, it’d be nice to have something under the tree for him, no?

With the candles, I’ve made 6 different scents and varying colours. I need to get more supplies in the New Year. I also bought some plain noodle boxes from a craft store. The idea I’m going with is to give each person a candle in a Christmas-themed noodle box. All handmade. Extra special people will get handmade Christmas cards. I am rocking the handmade this year! I will show some pictures when I’ve got the boxes done.

I’m not feeling Christmasy yet. Last year I didn’t feel it at all. I was looking at the photos I took last Christmas Day and I had a huge pang of sadness when I saw the photos I took of Snuggles. I had a gut feeling when I took them that he wouldn’t be around this year. I can’t believe it’s been seven months since he passed. The time has gone so fast, and I feel guilty for sometimes forgetting he’s not with us anymore. I still have his collar sitting on my desk, and I see it daily; months ago I decided to make a special box for it with a photo of him on the lid. I also decided to make a mini-scrapbook of photos of him – some of which have a kid holding him; me. I haven’t put any of those plans into action yet, I guess it’s still too painful. Puppies in pet stores make me cry, but I can control myself in public now. Last night I thought I heard Snuggles whining, the way he used to when he wanted to be let inside. I miss him terribly…

"She's making it look like I did this... why?!"

"She's making it look like I did this... why?!"



  1. Hi, just stopped by! Came through here via another blog on one of those randomly generated posts section.

    I am a Brissie girl also! Also getting married this year!

    A friend at work read the twighlight series in about the same number days as you- I have the first book sitting on my shelf & I plan to read it sometime soon hopefully. I am trying to cut down on book buying (another international move coming up in May) so I may have to read only the first and either borrow the others If I want to read them or wait until I get back to Japan. Everybody raves about them!!!

    Glad to see you enjoyed your birthday too by the way, happy belated 21st!

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