Posted by: k | November 17, 2008

Clutter buster.

So, it’s taken a month and a day shy of 21 years, and I do worry that if I actually put this sentence out there, it may be too good to be true and I could turn out to be a liar, but…

I think I may have been bitten by the declutter bug.

A couple of weeks ago, I invested in some space saver bags. You know, the ones you put clothes and stuff in, and vacuum out the air? I had a go at them last night. Turns out they’re quite fun.

I’m not finished yet, but I’ve managed to store 95% of my winter clothes and pjyamas – yes, I have that many pairs of pjyamas I can store about 8 pairs and have about 4 sets left – and I’m starting to look a little, ahem, organised.

I’ve taken a before photo of my clothing shelves, but I won’t post it until I’m finished and have the after photo. But I will say I am quite proud of myself. And if I’m still feeling proud of myself once it’s finished, I might do something unheard of… like tackle what’s lurking under the bed.

Who knows. I might even vacuum the floor!



  1. i need to do this…
    I ordered a book off amazon called ‘the personal organising workbook’… I so badly need it to arrive so I can figure out how to tackle the monster challenge that is my clutter..

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