Posted by: k | November 14, 2008

A day of two extremes.

Today is my Auntie’s 50th birthday,

It’s also the day my Uncle’s funeral is being held.

I’m exhausted. Not only have I got this family stuff happening, there was a bit of a blow-up at work today. Obviously I won’t go into detail, but I was left feeling very, very angry. Once I calmed down – a good 6 hours later – I got my point across, and felt better having got it off my chest before the weekend.

This weekend I plan to do the things I had in mind for last weekend, which never happened, as well as a few extras:
– Clean car inside and out
– Clean bedroom and organise clothing (includes storing winter clothing)
– Shopping for various required items for my birthday party
– Go with Mum to get my Christmas present – a Wii!



  1. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope it can be a celebration of his life today.

    I also need SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Well put. 😉

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