Posted by: k | November 7, 2008

Fiddy Cent – In Da Xmas

Last weekend, Matt bought himself a Christmas toy. This in itself is quite astonishing, as Matt has a bit of an aversion to Christmas paraphernalia.

As opposed to me, daughter of the Christmas Queen and apprentice in training.

But, I should have known better. This is no ordinary Christmas toy. It is a rapping mouse. With a red Christmas hoodie, sunnies, and a swagger in his step.

There are two songs in his entertainment line-up – Joy to the World, which he raps, and the other is… wait for it… 50 Cent’s In Da Club.

A Christmas mouse is rapping about how it’s my birthday, before going on to mention his crib, cars, and he ain’t changing.

I managed to record this particular escapade on my digital camera and after much fiddling, was able to upload it for the pleasure of the internetz:

(After fighting with WordPress, I can’t embed the damn video. Just click here, mmkay? Then educate me on how the whole embedding thing works. I just couldn’t make it happen…)

My question after all this is, are royalties being paid for this?!



  1. I use the YouTube Brackets Plugin. It’s really made embedding videos easy. I don’t know why the regular html method of embedding videos won’t work on WP, but at least there’s a way to make it work with this plugin.

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