Posted by: k | November 6, 2008

Blondie Revisited.

I got my hair done again tonight. It was sooooo tempting to go dark. Keeping my hair one colour for any length of time bores me to death. It seems that I like to express myself through my hair – if I feel crazy, it’s usually reflected in my hairstyle…

However, my 21st birthday is only 6 weeks away – !!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and for some reason I can’t imagine myself being anything other than blonde for that occasion, so the blonde stays. For now.


After Chistmas, I think I’m going to cross over to the dark side for awhile. I hear they have cookies?

The fingers are covering my nose because it is still so swollen, red, and sore on the left side I feel like a leper. Also, I just blew my nose before, and ended up with a mild nosebleed. Niiiice.


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