Posted by: k | November 4, 2008

Cold… sore?

Let’s talk about my nose.

I can tell you that the tip of my nose is sore as buggery, as well as swollen, and tonight I came to the disastrous conclusion that the lump on the inside of my nostril may not in fact be a pimple, but a dreaded coldsore – and if it is indeed a coldsore, I am devastated because I’ve never had one beforeĀ and am paranoid about them. If you have one, you can expect to be told not to kiss me, breathe on me, or even look in my general direction until it is well and truly goneski.

However, after gingerly placing a fingertip up my nostril this afternoon and feeling a slighly scabby substance, I’m starting to doubt it’s a pimple.

(I’ll pause here, because I’m picturing myself with my finger up my nose, so I’m sure you’re doing the same.)

I think it’s stress. Stress about my upcoming 21st, Christmas, money, work, family, the whole lot. RIght now I want to take the childish way out, and just walk away from all my problems. Get in my car or jump on a plane, and just go away. Anywhere, really. Just not be here.

Now I’m stressed about the possibility of herpes existing up my nose. I guess it could be worse, the damn thing could be on my lip, or under my nose, or somewhere visible, instead of taking up residence up my nose and annoying the crap out of my nose piercing. Which hasn’t been this sore since I had it pierced over 4 years ago.

Who knows? And who wants this nose? Because it hurts.



  1. No thankyou.

    I have been lucky to escape the dreaded face herpes. My mother suffers from them all the time and I try and keep a couple of miles away from her during a breakout.

    I feel for you babe. But from a safe distance.

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