Posted by: k | November 1, 2008

One of THOSE days…

November has kicked off with a whimper and a shuffle. Not the bang I was expecting.

Today I bought myself a dryer. It’s the last appliance I needed to buy before moving out of home. I was going to wait until we actually moved, but I received an email from a friend which had vouchers for dryers, and it was too good to pass up. We got a brand new 5.5kg dryer – it originally was $499, but with the voucher we got it $169. Buying it was the easy part. Getting the bloody thing home, well, that’s where the whimper and the shuffle comes in.

Matt’s car has been playing up for a little while. The computer in it has been causing problems, making the oil light come on and starting the fan whenever you start it. It’s been running rough too, and generally just being temperamental. This car, I should add, is pretty damn pampered. It used to be washed all the time before the water restrictions. It gets serviced every 10,000km, the oil and coolant are always topped up, and if anything needs fixing, it’s done pretty quick. Lately, the car won’t start without a lot of effort. Once or twice it hasn’t started at all and Matt’s had to get a jump start.

The computer problem, as you can imagine, needs to go back to the car manufacturer to fix, and is going to cost a fair bit, at least $2,500. Since we don’t have that kind of money just laying around (oh, if only), Matt’s just had to make do while he tries to get the money together.

Well, this morning, we bought the dryer, and went back to the car. Matt backed it out slightly to put the dryer in the backseat, but the box was too big, so he placed it in the boot and secured it as best he could with an occy strap. Then, the car wouldn’t start. So there we were, stuck in the carpark with a dryer half-hanging out the back of the car. We finally got it started, but not before calling my dad asking for a jump-start. Dad came down, because he’d already left by the time I called to say we got the car started, and he followed us home.

After we got the dryer out, Matt and I went to see about getting another battery, and on the way noticed that now the battery light was on as well as the oil light. The guy at the battery shop tested everything and said the battery wasn’t charging while the car was running, like it should, which means there’s a problem with the alternator. He gave us a jump to get us moving again, and off we went to go home. The car is now sitting in the bottom of the driveway, because everything on the dash has now stopped working – no petrol gauge, no headlights, no speedometer – and it drove like it had the grunt equivalent to a lawn mower-powered bicycle. This is a 6-cylinder family sedan we’re talking about here. I probably could have beaten it on rollerblades, and if you’ve been reading since about December last year, you know just how unco I am.

Thank goodness Matt just started his new job 5 minutes away from home, instead of 30 minutes away by car like his last job. I can drop him off on the way to work, and if he fancies he can walk home.

After all that, we went to friend’s place to help her start putting up her Christmas lights. When we rocked up (in my car!) there were already a few lights up. I tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible, but I ended up getting sunburnt, which I knew would happen, since I have the tanning capacity of a polar bear. I was going to wear a singlet but ended up grabbing a t-shirt, so I have sunburn stripes halfway down my arms instead of being nicely crisped from shoulder to forearm. Looks a bit stupid… but at least my face isn’t too badly burnt, just a bit of pink across the nose.

Then we had lunch, a sleep, and slowly got ready for dinner. We ended up going out to a tavern that is owned by the company I worked for, so it was nice to see a few different surroundings, and the 20% discount off the meals didn’t hurt either. We picked up some DVDs and headed home…

…to discover that our goldfish ATE our favourite swordtail which was born in our tank. The goldfish – formerly known as Dyson – is in exile, and we’re going to move the other fish before putting him back in the tank to live out his days in solitary confinement. Mum’s decided she’s not going to buy any more fish, as she’s quite traumatised by the whole ordeal. I’m tempted to buy a shark to see if the goldfish is game enough to have a go at it. If we still had Floyd, he would have kicked its ass.

Is it Sunday yet?!


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