Posted by: k | October 31, 2008

Home Alone (almost)

Matt’s working late tonight -poor bugger – which means I have our entire bedroom to myself.

What guilty pleasure does a girl indulge in when her partner is out? Music.

I love my music. Before I started seeing Matt and was still working part-time, I’d spend most nights in the living room dancing until at least 1am to whatever was on the music channels. Come to think of it, that’s probably how I lost that 8kg first time round.

Anyway, I can’t listen to my music whenever Matt’s around, because he simply comes in and turns on the TV on top of whatever I’m listening to. I think it’s bloody rude, but there isn’t really much point starting an argument over it. When we move out, if I want to listen to music, he can go into another room.

So tonight I am trying to learn lyrics to my new Lady Gaga album – favourite line so far is “Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” – while also trying to figure out why I’m not coordinated enough for the booby-shake move and trying to walk lightly so the CD player doesn’t skip.

Ahhh… listening to music is so much better in the privacy of your own bedroom. I always feel like a twit swaying along to something in the car. Although I’ve seen people do worse – eating, applying makeup, brushing their hair, heck, I even saw a guy shaving last week.

Back to dancing to burn some energy, because I just know my poor disco stick will be worn out when he gets home 😛



  1. I eat in my car all the time! I have my nutella on toast in my car on my way to work. As well as my morning juice/poppa.

    I fully agree though. Thankfully me and Kris have similar tastes in music… theres only a few that we disagree completely on. But yes! Music does always sound better when it’s in your own space! Then you can crank it!

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