Posted by: k | October 29, 2008

Totally random

This week’s quote at my gym: “The most wasted day is that which we have not laughed.”

My credit card statement arrived with this note on the bottom: “Yippie, you do not need to make a payment this month as your account is in credit.” A happy dance ensued.

I went to a ‘Mad Hatter’ surprise party today and had some of this awesome cake:

Yeah, the cake is supposed to be tilted, cause it’s a Mad Hat. Get it?
On the top it says “Thank you Donna for 20 years”
Donna is my mum’s bestie who manages our local Salvation Army welfare centre, and this year is her 20th year. Obviously. And she collects crazy hats and randomly wears them, even when seeing clients. Hence the hats. It was a chocolate mud cake, by the way. YUM.

 I don’t really have a lot more to say at the moment. Oh, one thing.

I’m going to investigate starting my own little side ‘business’ – I use that word very loosely – soon. The plan is to make a heap of candles, cards, maybe a few paintings or something, and see how I go selling them. I know I’m not quite 21, but I’m feeling that my life has no direction, and I’m not doing anything I truly want. I’m getting quite depressed about the whole thing. Depending on how I feel, I might even do a course to become a nail technician or something. Always good to have a backup plan. 

Going to sign up for NaBloPoMo, because since I did it last year, it might be nice to fumble my neglected blog through 30 days of, well, stuff.



  1. Those “payment holidays” that the credit card companies like to give you are nice in theory, but my dad took advantage of one and ended up with a mark on his credit report for a 30 day late. I’m not sure exactly how it works there, but here in the US your credit report contains information like if you made a payment when you had a balance. If you have a balance and don’t make a payment approximately every 30 days, they mark you for it. I’d send something in anyway if I were you, because it’s always nice to watch the balance go down. Don’t kid yourself that you won’t still be accruing finance charges the entire time.

  2. can you get your candles and such done before Chrissy ? good timing if you can

    check out they sell all homemade products – all the crafty people shop there !!

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