Posted by: k | October 20, 2008

It is Monday, and so far I’ve accomplished…

  • Getting my credit card debt down to zero. Well, if you want to be technical, I’ve overpaid it by three dollars.
  • Spending roughly 32.89% of my monthly income in 6 days. (Yeah, I used a calculator. Sue me for the remaining 67.11%. Some other bastard will get to it otherwise.)
  • A loss of one kilo, promptly celebrated by shoving down two packets of potato chips and lusting after chocolate.
  • A decision where my current boredom (previously unmentioned in BlogLand) is concerned: Next year, I will return to part-time study. Whether it will be going to night classes or by correspondence is yet to be determined.
  • A journal detailing my expenses since payday, which I’ve been meaning to do for months. How else did you think I calculated the 32.89%?
  • Blogging in dot points, and letting my brain rot.

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