Posted by: k | October 14, 2008

The one where I announce my pregnancy.

Okay, well, not really. But I had you fooled by the title. And here you are. Conned.

So no, I’m not pregnant. But I’m worried.

Because every time I sleep, I’m pregnant. Every single time I close my eyes, whether it be a power nap, a quick snooze, or my nightly recharge, I dream of pregnancy, and me being it. Last night it was a girl, the night before, twins. The night before that, I was due any minute.

Being pregnant is among my most common dreams, but now it’s getting ridiculous.

What scares me more than dreaming about it, is when I awake, and I’m, well, sad that it’s just a dream. Disappointed, even. I don’t know whether or not I’m just getting clucky, or whether the fact that I know so many women who are, or who have been, pregnant this year. I kid you not. I’m afraid to sit in somebody else’s chair at work, because this year alone there’s been 2 babies born, one due in December, and another two pregnancies just announced. There’s a few more pregnancies and babies among people I went to school with, too.

Something’s well and truly in the water.

I haven’t told Matt, because he’s even more clucky than me, and honestly, I don’t need any nudging to stop the birth control, because at this stage, I could very well consider it. This is the guy that wants to have kids before he’s 30, because he reckons he’ll be too old to play with them otherwise. Oh, and he’s 27.

Maybe it’s just constantly on my mind because I’m surrounded by people in the family way. I think that’s what it is, and probably not me being all clucky and wanting babies when mere months ago I would mutter “kill it” under my breath every time some little brat threw a tantrum in the supermarket.




  1. You’ve got to have kids when you are both ready. It could be your body’s way of telling you that you are ready, but only you can make that choice. Dreams about being pregnant are pretty cool though!

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