Posted by: k | October 9, 2008

How to Survive a Dentist Visit.

A list for those who need to be repatriated with the whole dentist thing. Like I was. With a thud.

  1. Waiting four years before making an appointment= BAD. It makes you feel a bit nauseous about something you’ve never feared before.
  2. Having your dentist-fearing mum (who, by the way, hasn’t been to the dentist for like, 19 years) drive you down and sit in the waiting room for you only compounds your existing fear.
  3. If you have an x-ray taken and decide to look at it before going to said dentist, you might want to make sure you’re not looking at it back to front, so that when the dentist points to the tooth he wants to take out, you don’t say something stupid, like “I thought it was the one on the other side?”
    (Yes, I actually did this.)
  4. When four years worth of disgusting crap is scraped off your teeth, yeah, it’s going to feel uncomfortable, and when you rinse, yes, there will be blood.
  5. Closing your eyes when the guy hones in on your mouth with that big-assed needle is a good idea. Repeat for each approaching needle.
  6. Having two people in your mouth that isn’t big enough for the wisdom tooth they’re trying to pry out is sure to make you gag, even if you normally pretty gag-resistant.
  7. If they put one of those wedge things in, that will probably make you gag more. Spit it out.
  8. When they finally get the tooth out, make sure you have a look at the nasty mofo before they take it away. It’s fairly satisfying to bid it adieu, until you remember that yeah, it’s out, and the blood in your mouth is reminding you of that.
  9. And, after all that, if you’re not already in shock from having people poke, prod and pull at your jaw, surely you will be when they give you the bill.


Oh, and if anyone’s wondering how I’m doing… The tooth’s out, I have a cut gum with no stitches, a day and three quarters off work (tomorrow’s looking dicey as well), a shitload of pity for myself, and a new best friend: Nurofen.

PS. Apart from that, I have strong, healthy teeth. No fillings. Yay!



  1. dude. I had all four of those mofos taken out at once. I was never so glad to be unconsious in my life. I didn’t need to see the needles and feel the pulling and whatnot.

    Neurofen and sleep! Best remedy!

    Oh, and ice cream. 😉

  2. You are SO lucky to have had it taken out in the chair like that – i had all 4 of mine done, and i was in a weird kind of sleep state…. slept on the couch for a week!

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